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Our activities have expanded into areas closely associated with our shipping core. Using our in-house resources of Al-Hamza Trading (Rice, Sugar, Oil, DAP, & Crome Ore we handle ships of 6000 MT to 45000 MT load & offer quick turnover of the vessel to be more cost effective for the ship owners.

Representing ship owners and brokers and are the handling agents for their vessel calling in Pakistan on regular basis. Such as:

  • Precious shipping Line - HK / Owners
  • Agenosiky - Greece / Owners
  • Warm Seas Dubai / Owners
  • Prime Tankers Dubai / Owners
  • Uni ship LLC Dubai / Brokers
  • Cyrus Shipping Company - Dubai / Brokers
  • Arne Holt Shipping - Denmark / Brokers.
  • East Gate Shipping Dubai / Brokers.
  • Fair Deal Marine Services Dubai / Owners.

Other Services Includes:

  • Cargo & Draft Surveys
  • Bunker Purchasing & Supplying
  • Processing of Insurance Claims and Settlement Negotiations
  • Post & Pre Fixtures Services
  • Ship Chandelling & Husbandry

As Owners representative we keep abreast of the latest Maritime Legislation, Technical Developments and all other aspects relevant to the shipping business.

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