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                          C O M P A N Y 

                      AL - HAMZA BUYING HOUSE                    

ABH  is  one  of  the  progressive  and  competent  memebers  of  the  Alhamza  family .  It  is established as a buying  house,  primarily, targeting  the agency agreements with the foriegn business  houses  who  are  involved  in  the  buying  activities  from the Pakistan market.

The  basic  product   line   include   textile  made ups   but   with expansion plans in effect the company   will   always   be  extending  its  product  lines  with  consideration  of   its  buyers requirments.   The  current  line  includes the  apparel  and  home  textiles.

ABH   is commited  to  provide  its  clients  the  entire  satisfaction  in  order  to  sustain  and enhance  the  mutual  business.

Furthermore,  ABH  is not just another buying  house  in  operation, it  is  a  NETWORK( Al-Hamza Buying House); a company which is extablished with  intention  of forming  a network around the globe by having  its representation in  foreign countries so as to stay  close with  the  target  markets  and  understand  their  needs  in a more professional manner. One of  the prime competitive advantage of  the company is its extention till African countries from where Quota free (in some cases import duty free) volume exports to the Usa.

 Wide range of (Cotton, PC, and Acrylic) Fashion woven & knitted garments - Shirts,               T-shirts, Jeans, Skirts, Dresses & blouses etc.
          •  Home Textile products - Household Textiles, Children's & Infant bed linen, Table &               Kitchen linen.
          •  Leather items - garments and footwear.
          •  Cotton and Acrylic Sweaters.


Work force of 5 major teams.
          •  Marketing - actively involved  in  promoting  the firm and searching for new markets.
          •  R&D - searching  & offering  new developments to our  clients hence assisting them               maintaining the edge over their competitors.
          •  Merchandising - performing  attentive  operations  for  serious  matters like sampling               and order follow-up till the final execution.
          •  Quality   Control  -  involved  in  the  utmost  important  functions  of   shipment  and               pre-shipment inspections for our buyers as per their set standards.
          •  EMIS - Electronically Managed Information System enable our  clients to  have a  24               hrs  access  to  their  respective  orders'  status  from  their  own  computers  -  hence               helping  them to  have a  better inventory  management at their end. Using our EMIS               system, buyers can obtain upto date ORDER  STATUS  REPORT.                   to view               a sample ORDER STATUS REPORT.

              Is  a  strong,  competitive,  efficient   and   co-operative  supplier  base ( extended  till African   countries  for  Quota  Free  volume  exports ) with  substantial  experiences  in  their relevant fields, well acquainted with European and American markets - serving  major buyers like Quelle',  Levi's, Karstadt & Neckerman, C&A, J.D. Williams and various other  mail order companies, department stores and wholesalers etc.